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Using the Database

The Interstellar Dust Analogues Laboratory Spectral database (IDALS) was created in 2005 to directly place laboratory measured mid- and far-infrared spectra and optical constants of interstellar dust proxies into the hands of astrophysicists. To maintain user functionality similar to the
JPDOC Database of Optical Constants created by Jena-St. Petersburg, the IDALS database consists of 2 frames: a table of contents sidebar and an inner frame in which the user may freely download ASCII and PDF files.

Table of Contents Sidebar

The table of contents sidebar is divided into 3 sections, with hyperlinks to the User Info page which you are now reading and the Released Data and In Stock pages in which the data files are organized in table format.

Released Data

The Released Data inner frame page contains article online hyperlinks to preprints and published astromineralogy articles by our group, as well as ASCII files links to companion datasets for these articles. Articles are listed in reverse chronological order, alpha by author within the same year. Downloads are typically 2 column ASCII files (e.g., wavenumber, common log absorbance) and PDF plots.

In Stock

The In Stock inner frame page is a tabular listing of all the mineral species and chemical compounds for which unpublished spectral data products and/or optical constants are currently available. Two sorts are available: alphabetical by mineral name, or by mineral classification group. The master table is arranged into 10 columns.

Equipment & Methods

For an explanation of our experimental procedure, please refer to our online
summary (opens in a new window).

How to Cite

To cite spectral datafiles obtained from this website in your peer-reviewed journal publications or other media (e.g., PowerPoint presentation), please reference Hofmeister A. M., Pitman K. M., & Speck A. K. 2005, Any spectra or plots appearing in the
Released Data page have already been submitted and/or accepted for publication; please reference those articles specifically in accordance with the publishers' copyright regulations.

Requests & Submissions

At this time, we are archiving data products acquired by our group and E. Keppel from 2000-2005, namely room temperature laboratory absorbance, reflectance, and transmittance spectra in the mid- and far-IR wavelength regimes for over 100 minerals and their polytypes, as well as simple chemical compounds relevant to interstellar dust (fullerenes, etc.). Optical constants (n & k) are also available for a subset of these laboratory spectra. Currently, we are in the process of acquiring and archiving similar data products for new mineral samples and measuring the existing materials at low temperatures.

To request a particular "in stock" unpublished spectral product that is not hyperlinked in our archive, please complete our IDALS Feedback Form or e-mail the webmaster with the name of the material (including polytype), wavelength regime of interest, and type of product requested (absorbance, reflectance, transmittance, optical constants). This database exists to serve the astrophysics community; we welcome inquiries regarding our methodology as well as requests for new minerals to add to this collection which might be relevant to your work.

To submit your own mid- to far-IR spectra or optical constants to this database, please send data files with detailed information to properly reference the source and methods used to the webmaster.


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